Recast Rewards Policy

When you join Recast, you’ll receive 25 Cast Credits for free.

Cast Credits is a unique in-platform payment system that allows you to watch content on Recast. All content on Recast is priced in Casts, and one Cast is equal to 1p. Top up Casts can either be purchased or earned in-platform by watching adverts, sharing videos or data, or by inviting friends to join.

You can check the number of Casts you have available at any time in your virtual Recast Wallet. If you do not have sufficient Casts in your wallet to cover the price of the piece of content you want to watch, you will need to purchase or earn more Cast Credits.

Cast Credits cannot be sold, transferred, traded or otherwise redeemed for monetary value. Cast Credits (whether purchased or earned) cannot be redeemed for cash, but if you have purchased Cast Credits from us, our Refund Policy applies. If you have a query about Cast Credits, please contact us at

How to earn Cast Credits

Join Recast

To get you started, we will credit your wallet with 25 Cast credits. Casts are used to watch content on Recast. If unused, your free Casts will expire after 14 days.

Complete your Data Profile

You have complete control over your data on Recast. If you choose to complete your Data Profile (name, date of birth, gender, postcode /zip code, country), you'll receive 50 Cast Credits. If you opt in to share your anonymised personal data (age, gender, address) with our advertisers, you'll receive at least 50% more Cast Credits when you watch ads on our platform, as well as receiving more relevant adverts. Our advertising partners will never contact you directly and you can opt in, or out at any time.

Invite and earn

Invite friends to join Recast and receive Cast Credits when they do. You can invite friends via your unique share link (which can be found in your Recast Wallet). Once they've signed up and purchased their first piece of content, you'll receive up to 100 Cast Credits. The more people who join and watch through your link, the more Cast Credits you’ll earn!

Share and earn

Share content from Recast and receive Cast Credits to your wallet when it's purchased using your link. Tap the ‘Share & Earn’ icon on any content you’ve watched to share a link to your friends via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other social sharing platform.

Every time someone watches content using your link, a percentage of the Cast Credits they pay to watch it will go straight into your Recast Wallet. The number of Casts you’ll receive is based on the ‘share ratio’ set by the publisher that uploaded the content. You can check the ‘share ratio’ via the ‘Share & Earn’ icon before you share the link.

Watch and earn

Watch adverts on Recast and receive Cast Credits directly to your wallet. “Watch & Earn” videos can be found through your Recast Wallet. These are promotional videos from brands or advertisers. On Recast, it’s up to you whether you watch ads or not.

If you view a ”Watch & Earn” video, you will only earn the number of Cast Credits indicated once you have watched the full video.

Buying Cast Credits

You can purchase Cast Credits at any time, via the ‘Buy Cast Credits’ icon in your Recast Wallet.
Cast Credits are normally sold by us for £0.01 and the minimum number of Casts that can be purchased is 200, which will cost £2.00. We will sometimes offer special deals, e.g. receive an extra 100 Casts when you purchase 1000 Casts, which will be shown in your wallet. You can purchase Cast Credits using your credit or debit card, or using Apple Pay or Google Pay on your mobile device.