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How to manage your Recast Publish account

Last updated:
April 4, 2024

Edit Publisher Data

  • If you are the Owner of a Publisher account, you are able to view and edit the Publisher data i.e. company name, VAT details, registered address.
Edit Publisher Data
  • The option to edit this information is available using the edit pencil on the Recast Publish landing page

Creating a new Publisher

If you would like to create a new Publisher account, please head to, sign up for a package and create your new publisher and channel.

Terms and Conditions

  • Publishers will be asked to accept Recast’s terms and conditions during the onboarding process in Recast Publish. Where a Publisher has not agreed to the terms and conditions they won’t be able to set their channel live and will be prompted to agree before continuing
Terms and Conditions
  • The terms and conditions can be accepted during either the Publisher or Channel set-up process but must be accepted prior to making your channel live on the Fan site.

Admins List

  • Visit the ‘Channel Admins’ to:
    a. View all Channel Admins
    b. Add new Channel Admin
    c. Remove Channel Admin
Admins List
  • On the list of Channel Admins, you will find all Fans with Admin access to the Channel

Add New Channel Admin

  • You can add a new Channel Admin
  • Insert ‘Username’ of Recast Fan who you want to become your Channel Admin
  • a. The entire ‘Username’ is required – it is not possible to search for a Fan account
  • b. Once you have inserted the ‘Username’
  • Click on the ‘Add new admin’ button
  • The Fan will be added as a Channel Admin
  • If the incorrect ‘Username’ is inserted, you will see an error notification

TIP: The ‘Username’ can be found in Recast in the ‘Me’ section. If you do not know the correct ‘username’, please contact

Remove a Channel Admin

  • You can remove a Channel Admin using the ‘Remove’ button
  • When you click ‘Remove’ you will have to confirm the Channel Admin’s removal
  • a. By confirming, the Admin will be removed and will no longer have Admin access to the Channel.
  • b. By cancelling, the Admin’s access to Channel management will remain in place
  • Owners cannot remove their own details from the Channel Admin list. If you wish to do so, please contact your Account Manager.