What a whirlwind 2020 was! Let’s do this 2021…

05 January 2021

Let’s start off by saying Happy New Year. What a whirlwind 2020 was!
As we now sit at our desks (albeit for many in a home office) ready for the year ahead, we can reflect on the change that 2020 brought. Instead of thinking that 2020 was all doom and gloom, we can look back on it and see what a game-changing year it was for many.
2020 brought innovative ways of thinking. Fans had to look for alternative ways to watch sport from the comfort of their own homes, athletes had to adapt their training schedules to fit around their ‘new normal’ and companies quickly thrived in a new digital world of video calls. Organisations also had to look at alternative ways to generate revenue in order to thrive.
A new year brings with it a whole host of new opportunities. This is especially relevant for clubs, teams and leagues alike, as they now have the opportunity to reflect and review what’s important to them. The question, for many, will now be, did they get it right in 2020 and are they prepared for the new digital era we find ourselves in?
Let’s cast our minds back to the first-time people sat down to watch their favourite sport when sport finally returned to our TV’s, mobiles, and desktops. Where did they go to watch it? Traditional broadcasters? Social Media? Newly created Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms or illegal streams and unofficial feeds?
The latter is probably the most common option and how did organisations capitalise on this change? Well… most didn’t.
Sports’ fans’ consumption and payment patterns have changed and it’s now more important than ever to innovate and adapt. Monetisation is essential. Aggregation of sports content is the only viable way to ensure audience at scale. Are organisations prepared for this change? Ask yourself, how will my organisation do that?
The answer is Recast.
Thankfully, here at Recast, we’re ahead of the game on this one! We can bring a revolutionary new way of thinking to your organisation as well as a solution that connects rights holders, fans and brands on one single platform. Our direct-to-customer video platform combines the ability to watch the best sporting action from any mobile device and the potential to earn in-app currency - for both viewers and rights holders - through microtransactions.
Rights Holders can monetise all their content, from 10-second clips to full live games, without the upfront costs of their own OTT platform. Fans can earn or purchase credits and make micropayments directly to rights holders to watch the sports they want. Rights Holders can also cash out these credits, meaning they have the opportunity to generate more revenue than any other model.
Recast is already working with several forward-thinking high-profile rights holders and bodies using our ground-breaking technology to help maximise their earning potential from highlights, in-play clips and live events.
We think it’s fair to say there’s light at the end of the tunnel and 2021 is shaping up to be an incredible year for sport.
We’ll see the return of spectacular events such as the Olympics & Paralympics, Euro 2021, The Ryder Cup & Solheim Cup and other major events such as the Six Nations, the British & Irish Lions Tour and The Ashes. And we’ll finally look to welcome spectators back to stadiums after a long hiatus. Is that a collective cheer we hear from sports fans and organisations around the globe?
It’s now over to you to see what 2021 will bring, don’t get left behind.
Drop us a message to find out more information on how Recast can help reach your 2021 goals!


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