Swindon Town FC launch new ten-part docuseries ‘A New Dawn’, exclusively on Recast

15 December 2022

Today, Swindon Town launch a new ten-part documentary series, providing fans with an in-depth look behind the scenes of their current 2022/23 season and what went before.

Available exclusively on the club’s Recast channel, ‘A New Dawn takes a deep dive into various elements of the football club, from the management, players and fans to the backroom staff that keep Swindon Town moving forward, as the club recovers from one of the toughest periods in its long history.

Highlights from the ten gripping episodes include a chat with owner Clem Morfuni on his takeover and ambitious plans for the future, a look behind the scenes at First-Team Head Coach Scott Lindsey’s match day routine, and an insight into how Swindon is using data to drive its decision making with Technical Director Sandro Di Michele. 

Town legend, Don Rogers, shares his memories of lifting the League Cup way back in 1969 and the short-lived Anglo-Italian cup in 1970, while kitmen Steve Hooper and Jonah Isaacs take fans on a tour of the dressing room and talk TikTok.

Swindon Town Women’s Team also share their hopes for developing their game in the local area and beyond, following their integration with the football club earlier this year.

The first five episodes are now available to watch exclusively on Swindon Town’s Recast Channel, with a further five set for release on Thursday 22 December.

Each episode is priced at 80p and can be purchased using Recast’s in-platform currency Cast Credits, on its microtransaction-powered platform.

Fans will receive 25 free Cast Credits when they join Recast and can earn additional Casts by watching ads, inviting friends and sharing data and content, as well as purchasing them directly.

Andy Meikle, Founder and CEO of Recast, said: “It’s great to see Swindon Town embracing the unique opportunity Recast offers to bring exclusive behind-the-scenes content to fans on an affordable pay-per-view basis - building a more meaningful connection to its fanbase in the process.  

“Increased competition for ever-decreasing broadcast and sponsorship deals across what is an exhausted landscape, exacerbated further by the current cost of living crisis, has combined to put greater pressure on football clubs at every level to generate more revenue. 

“Recast provides a free to use platform that allows clubs to unlock new digital revenue streams, while giving fans access to the content they want, without the commitment of yet another subscription.” 

Swindon Town FC’s Chief Executive, Rob Angus, said: “This exciting new docuseries offers a never-before-seen look behind the scenes across the football club as we make huge strides towards financial security under new ownership, as well as progressing on the pitch.

“This season has seen us drastically reduce debts, appoint a new manager and sign more than twenty new players as we look to challenge the top sides in the division for promotion.

“We are delighted to bring this series to fans, which we hope is something they will embrace and enjoy over the festive period and beyond on our Recast channel.

“Recast offers a vital opportunity for the club to explore new revenue streams with fresh, affordable content. Fans can watch the series on a pay-per-view basis without having to fork out for a subscription as we seek to revolutionise the way video is produced and shared.”

Watch the first five episodes now via the official Swindon Town Recast Channel.


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