Recast Reflections on 2022

23 December 2022

Founder and CEO Andy Meikle shares his thoughts on Recast's achievements over the last 12 months.

It’s been an incredible year for Recast. As we look back on 2022, it’s safe to say we’ve come a very long way in terms of the significant growth and development of our platform, as we continue to drive a real, generational change to democratise the distribution of content. 

This year has not been without its challenges. We are a startup, trying to build something exceptional in a very difficult economic climate. The remarkable progress that we have made in 2022 is a testament not only to the strength of our platform, but also to the hard work and dedication of the fantastic team here at Recast, and I would like to thank every single one of them for their resilience and determination.

We have welcomed some fantastic names from the world of sports and entertainment to Recast this year. From footballing giants Manchester City and FC Internazionale Milano, to world renowned DJ Cuppy and leading automotive content creator Seen Through Glass, our roster of publishers (content creators and rights holders) is expanding all the time, as more and more publishers realise the game changing potential of our platform to monetise their content effectively.

In April we launched Recast Publish, giving publishers complete control over how their content is streamed, shared and monetised on Recast. Recast Publish enables publishers to set their own price-per-view, restrict content by geographical location, and easily collaborate with other creators, partners and brands using our unique Smart Contract and incentivised sharing functionality. We are constantly working to enhance the publisher experience on Recast, and we’ll continue to develop and introduce new features next year.

Throughout 2022 we have also made some big changes for fans on Recast. Our platform is now available in 100 countries, catering for multiple languages and currencies. We are actively challenging outdated subscription and advertising models and earlier this month we introduced Data Profile, a new feature that provides full transparency and rewards users who choose to share their data with our advertisers. Data Profile’s functionality will continue to develop, with further updates planned for the new year to give fans the option of sharing zero party data with Recast publishers of their choice, providing those publishers with valuable insights into their fan base, and enabling them to reward fans for their loyalty and support.

A huge thank you to all our publishers and the fans that have joined Recast this year. It’s great to have you on board and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2023.


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