Product Update – VAT

12 April 2021

Recently we’ve made some changes to Recast which benefit our Verified Accounts. These changes will make it easier for our account holders to see Recast earnings.
So what's been updated?

For Verified Users, who are able to cash out earnings, we’ve split their account ‘Wallet’ into two separate balances. 

All earnings will automatically be converted to GBP so users can track their real time money balance. They’ll be able to cash this out quarterly.

This is the Cast Credit balance. These credits can be used if you want to spend on the platform, for example watching other videos.

This update not only gives much better visibility on account balances but it also ensures that all transactions are monitored in accordance with the necessary financial regulations. As part of this, we’ll also be handling any VAT considerations on all transactions, making life easier for account holders! 

In addition to the above we’ve also made the following updates:

You’ll now be able to see total spend on each video in your ‘Me’ section, as well as the net GBP earnings that the video has generated for you.
Coming Soon
  • We’ll be adding helpful calculations when users are uploading a video. These automatic calculations will allow the user to know the amount that the video could earn you per view in GBP, after Recast's fee and VAT.
  • We’ve also started building a full reporting system on the app which will allow users to gain much better insights into the performance of videos, referrals and other key information about their audience. More information on this will follow soon… watch this space. 

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