Non-League Club Backed By Little Mix Star Brings Exclusive Content To Fans Via New App

12 August 2021

Partnership with Recast the latest creative way for Northern Premier League side to bolster earnings through fan engagement

South Shields FC follows in the footsteps of Hibernian FC, Manchester City and QPR, giving fans the chance to raise funds for their club just by watching club content

Jade Thirlwall - who was named as the club’s honorary president one year ago today - and other fans will now be able to access extended match highlights, interviews, exclusive features, behind the scenes content and more via Recast.

Supporters of South Shields FC can now directly fund the club by watching extended match highlights, interviews, exclusive features and behind the scenes content featuring players and staff thanks to a groundbreaking partnership with Recast. 

This is the latest innovative move for the forward-thinking club, who launched a crowdfunding campaign which saw Little Mix star and lifelong South Shields fan Jade Thirlwall become a shareholder and honorary president of the club, one year ago today.

The Northern Premier League side are the latest football club to join pioneering new Over-The-Top (OTT) platform Recast, which allows rights holders of any size to go direct-to-customer for free, without any upfront or ongoing costs. 

Unlike other platforms, supporters will be able to turn their viewership into Recast’s in-app credits simply by signing up, watching ads, sharing videos and inviting friends. The in-app credits can then be used to watch their favourite match highlights, behind-the-scenes videos or exclusive content at a subsidised rate or even free of charge. 

Discussing the partnership, South Shields FC Head of Media and Communications, Daniel Prince said: “We’re delighted to be joining Recast and are excited as to the opportunities this partnership provides. We are looking forward to expanding our content offering for supporters as we aim to provide more behind-the-scenes coverage, features and interviews than ever before. 

“We’ll continue to share match highlights, club updates and interviews on our existing social platforms and website however all the coverage our fans have come to expect from us will now be available in one handy place - Recast. In addition to our traditional coverage, we'll also be adding exclusive content and features, only for those fans that follow our Recast channel. 

“Ensuring that we create sustainable financial solutions to ensure the longevity of the club, without impacting our fans, is essential. Knowing that they can go onto our Recast channel and watch our content, which will in-turn generate revenue for the club, is a win-win for everyone involved.”

With all revenue reinvested back into the club, the move is one of many ways South Shields FC is aiming to bolster its earning potential, via its digital strategy, without further financial impact on fans. 

Andy Meikle, Founder and CEO at Recast, added: “Clubs, of all levels, are now looking for alternative ways to maximise their earning potential without having further financial impact on fans. Previously there was no option but to distribute short-form content and highlights via social media unless you could afford your own OTT solution, however now there is. Recast. We’re providing a much-needed, free alternative which allows clubs like South Shields FC to revolutionise their digital strategy that will future proof their club and bolster earnings for years to come.” 

South Shields FC follow in the footsteps of many other clubs looking for an alternative solution to more effectively monetise and earn from their exclusive content. Clubs already on the platform include Manchester City, Hibernian FC and Hibernian Women as well as Queens Park Rangers, with more to follow suit. 

Due to demand from rights holders, Recast also recently announced their solution is now available in more than 70 countries (available in the US and Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and North Africa as well as the UK). This means that fans across the globe will now have access to affordable content whilst rights holders, like South Shields FC, will be able to maximise their global reach and take advantage of untapped audiences. 

Content will be available immediately on Recast and fans can now become a part of the South Shields FC community by visiting: Recast


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