Recast launches ‘Data Profile’, giving fans back control of their personal data

01 December 2022

  • ‘Data Profile’ offers a radical alternative to existing online advertising models, rewarding fans and providing transparency over how their personal data is shared.
  • The new feature gives consumers the choice to unlock the value of their data to pay for content on the platform from their favourite creators and publishers, from sporting giants Manchester City to BBC1Xtra’s Cuppy.
  • 'Data Profile' comes at a time when streaming giants and social media platforms are under increased criticism on user data practices and transparency, while consumer awareness of how their data is being shared grows.   

Recast, the revolutionary, subscription-free streaming platform, is today announcing the launch of ‘Data Profile’, a unique feature providing fans complete control over how their personal data is shared with advertisers on Recast, rewarding those who choose to share their data.

Major streaming platforms are sharing huge amounts of data on their users, offering very little control or reward in return - ultimately, the major platforms and third parties benefit, and users are left in the dark about how their personal data is being used, and receive little to no benefit in return.

‘Data Profile’ offers a radical alternative to existing online advertising models, providing transparency over the use of personal data and rewarding consumers with additional credits to watch content on the platform. The new feature puts the control back in the hands of the fans, rewarding them rather than the platform provider for sharing their data. Fans can also choose to opt-in or out of sharing their data at any time.

Recast’s platform is powered by microtransactions. Fans can buy or earn ‘Cast Credits’ via an in-platform currency, and use them to purchase live and on demand content from a rapidly expanding roster of sports and entertainment publishers that includes Manchester City FC, Inter Milan and DJ and host of BBC1Xtra’s Sunday Breakfast Show, Cuppy.

Fans can earn Cast Credits by choosing to watch adverts on Recast, and will now be able to opt-in or out of sharing personal anonymised data such as their date of birth, address, and gender with Recast and advertisers on the platform. Fans who choose to share this data with advertisers will earn a higher number of Cast Credits than those who watch adverts without sharing data, as well as benefiting from more relevant ads.

Andy Meikle, Founder and CEO of Recast, said:

“The launch of ‘Data Profile’ marks the start of an exciting new phase in the work we are doing to disrupt the streaming market and challenge outdated advertising and subscription models.”

“Consumers today are more aware than ever of how their personal data is being used by social media platforms and streaming services, without returning any real, tangible benefit to them. With ‘Data Profile’, we are providing the choice to share their data when they want to, while rewarding them directly when they do.”

“‘Data Profile’ gives Recast users peace of mind about how their data is being shared, and encourages greater transparency for consumers across the streaming landscape.”

Further development of ‘Data Profile’ is currently underway, and fans will soon have the option of sharing zero party data with Recast publishers (content creators and rights holders) of their choice, providing those publishers with valuable insights into their fan base, and enabling them to reward fans for their loyalty and support.


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