Leading automotive content creator Seen Through Glass launches Recast channel

08 December 2022

Recast is thrilled to announce the launch of Behind The Glass, a new channel from content creator Sam Fane, who runs Seen Through Glass, one of the leading automotive channels on YouTube, with a global audience of 5,000,000 people per month across various social media platforms.

The Behind The Glass Recast channel will feature an array of new and existing content, giving fans exclusive video access to Sam’s hugely popular ‘Behind the Glass’ podcast, which he hosts alongside used car salesman Tony Gravelwood. The channel will also host the return of the ‘After the Chequered Flag’ F1 series, which Sam co-hosts with Paul Wallace, founder of SuperCars of London. Both series will be shown in video format for the first time on Recast.

Sam has major ambitions to grow his Recast channel and audience, with plenty of new content in the offing for his fans, including some behind the scenes footage from his life on the road. The first ever livestream of the Behind The Glass podcast will take place on Recast on Monday 12th December from 1pm.

Sam has set up his Recast channel to replace his Patreon, here’s what he had to say about his move: “We’re really excited to set up shop on Recast. It feels like an exciting new chapter for our podcast. The opportunity for us to expand beyond the confines of Patreon and other social media platforms is really exciting. We can create more, reward our fans more and earn more. 

“Recast provides a platform for us to step up our content offering and properly grow our audience. Not only does the platform reward us fairly for putting in the time to create quality content but it also provides a flexible and affordable system for fans through one-off payments, or the option to earn additional credit by sharing content, data or by watching ads. That in turn incentivises and allows us to create loads more exclusive content for our fans. So simply, it’s a win-win!”

Andy Meikle, Founder and CEO of Recast, said:
“It’s a real pleasure to welcome Sam and the Behind The Glass team to Recast. As a major motoring fan myself, I’m looking forward to checking out their exclusive content over the coming months.

“Alongside our ever growing roster of sports publishers, Recast is rapidly expanding into the content creator market, as creators of all sizes realise the potential of our platform to effectively and fairly monetise their content. 

“Sam has moved to Recast from Patreon to take advantage of the flexibility we offer for publishers and fans, giving his audience exclusive, subscription-free access to a whole range of content, and enabling them to support his work with every view.”

If you’re interested in setting up a channel on Recast, visit our publishers page to find out more about Recast’s unique features for content creators and rights holders.


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