European Cricket Network ‘Hits A Six’ With Pioneering Sports OTT Platform, Recast

05 July 2021

Cricket fans will immediately be able to watch content from European Cricket Network including match highlights, interviews, behind the scenes content and more on the ground-breaking, subscription free platform

Together with European Cricket Networks worldwide media rights distribution and production partner, Spring Media, the ECN will broadcast bespoke highlights from the European Cricket Series as the tour follows the sun around Europe.

European Cricket fans will immediately be able to watch video content from European Cricket Network (ECN) thanks to its new partnership with pioneering sports Over-The-Top (OTT), Recast. 

The ECN are the latest organisation to join the new OTT provider in a bid to maximise revenue generation through fan viewership whilst ensuring fans have affordable access to the content they want to watch. 

Thanks to Recast’s OTT solution now being available in over 60+ countries (US and Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and North Africa as well as the UK) fans across the globe will have access to content, whilst rights holders, like ECN, will be able to maximise their global reach and take advantage of untapped audiences. 

Unlike other platforms, cricket fans will be able to turn their viewership into Recast’s in-app credits simply by signing up, watching adverts, sharing videos and inviting friends. The in-app credits can then be used to watch their favourite match highlights, behind-the-scenes videos and interviews at a subsidised rate or even free of charge.

Discussing the opportunity, Roger Feiner, CEO European Cricket Network said: “Showing our match highlights on Recast will allow us to further monetise the very best moments of European Cricket in short with the potential of tapping into new audiences.” 

The partnership has allowed ECN to create a home for affordable, flexible access to high quality content, which Recast’s unique microtransaction model will turn into revenue through fan viewership. 

Commenting on the announcement Recast’s Founder and CEO, Andy Meikle, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the European Cricket Network to Recast. Thanks to our free solution, the ECN has been able to access technology which will allow them to tap into audiences across the globe, with a click of a button. And through our unique micropayment solution, fans globally also benefit by turning their attention into our in-app credits which can subsidise their viewing costs.” 

In 2019 a partnership was forged between European Cricket Network and Spring Media for worldwide media rights distribution and production. Spring Media in partnership with ECN have produced more than 1500 matches during the ongoing pandemic, which is a remarkable achievement. Fans will be able to enjoy a consistent and bespoke daily package of highlights on Recast showcasing all of the action from the European Cricket Series. The European Cricket Series started in Barcelona back in February and is currently being played in Hungary. 

Recast is already working with several high-profile rights holders and bodies – including golf’s European Tour, Manchester City FC, Table Tennis England and most recently Queens Park Rangers FC – each using its groundbreaking technology to help maximise their earning potential from highlights, in-play clips and live events. Fans can now become a part of the European Cricket League community on Recast by visiting: ECN at Recast


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