What is Recast?

Recast is a revolutionary streaming platform, powered by microtransactions, which gives fans subscription-free access to live and on-demand sports and entertainment content from across the globe. On Recast, publishers (content creators and rights holders) are paid for every view and receive up to 85% of the revenue generated by their content. Rewarding creators. Reaching fans. Respecting both.

What is a publisher?

A publisher is any umbrella entity, organisation, individual, agency or agent that owns a channel on Recast, and receives the revenue generated by that channel. A publisher does not need to host content on their channel, they can still earn via our split and share feature, if they have agreed a split with a publisher that is hosting content.

Find out more about setting up a channel on Recast here. 

How do I create a Recast Channel?

Setting up a channel on Recast is free, quick, and easy to do. If you want to monetise your content and earn up to 85% of the revenue every time your content is viewed, complete our online ‘Request a channel’ form now and our team will get back to you asap to get you started. Head to our publisher page to find out more about how Recast works for content creators and rights holders.

How do I close my account?

To delete your account, log in and click on your Recast profile, then click on the settings icon and select ‘Delete My Account’. Follow the steps to delete your account. If you need assistance, please contact us at

Can I split my earnings with another publisher or brand?

Yes, Recast provides unique functionality for collaborating and splitting earnings with other publishers and partners through simple smart contracts. Whether you are streaming a live event or uploading a piece of collaborative content, you can easily set percentage splits between up to three publishers on Recast at any time. Your brand partners can set up a publisher account on Recast solely for the purpose of collecting their % of your agreed earnings split.

Can I live stream on Recast as a publisher?

Yes, you can live stream on Recast at any time and for no additional cost. To find out more about live streaming on Recast, check out our live streaming guide for publishers.

How can I earn revenue from my content?

You’ll earn up to 85% of the revenue generated every time your content is viewed on Recast. So the more you promote your Recast content to your fans and followers on your existing social channels and platforms, the more you’ll earn. Need some advice? Check out our top tips for promoting your Recast channel.

You can also incentivise fans and publishers to share your content to boost your earnings. When uploading or scheduling content, set a ‘share value’ for fans and they’ll earn Cast Credits every time your content is purchased via a link they’ve shared. Do the same for publishers and they will earn real world currency.

My YouTube channel is really successful, why would I change to Recast?

You don’t have to! Recast can work alongside your YouTube channel as a place to post exclusive, first-look, live, or behind-the-scenes content that your fans are willing to pay for. Use your YouTube audience to keep growing your audience and signposting them to your premium content on Recast. Remember, on Recast you’ll earn up to 85% of the revenue every time your content is viewed. Check out the Recast and YouTube comparison.

What do I do if my content doesn’t fit into any of the categories on Recast?

Don’t panic! Contact us at and let us know what category you would like to list your content under. In most cases we will be able to add a new category for you.

Is Recast Publish available as an app?

No. Recast Publish is not currently available as an IOS or Android app. However, Recast Publish is a progressive web app, so you can access our platform from any device and you can add us to your home screen like any other app.