About Recast

What is Recast?

Recast is a revolutionary streaming platform, powered by microtransactions, which gives fans subscription-free access to live and on-demand sports and entertainment content from across the globe. On Recast, publishers (content creators and rights holders) are paid for every view and receive up to 85% of the revenue generated by their content. Rewarding creators. Reaching fans. Respecting both.

I’d like to work for Recast - do you have any vacancies?

Recast is a great place to work! You can check out our latest vacancies in our careers section. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with any upcoming opportunities.

What is a fan?

A fan is anyone who watches content on Recast. Setting up a fan account on Recast is free and easy to do. Fans will receive 25 free Cast Credits when they join. Cast Credits are Recast’s unique in-platform currency. Content is priced from just 1 Cast per minute (which is equal to 1p per minute). Casts can either be purchased or earned in-platform by watching ads, sharing videos or data, or by inviting friends to join.

What is a publisher?

A publisher is any umbrella entity, organisation, individual, agency or agent that owns a channel on Recast, and receives the revenue generated by that channel. A publisher does not need to host content on their channel, they can still earn via our split and share feature, if they have agreed a split with a publisher that is hosting content.

Find out more about setting up a channel on Recast here. 

What content is available on Recast?

Recast is home to a huge variety of sports and entertainment content from around the globe. Head over to Recast now for live events, documentaries, podcasts, interviews, highlights, tutorials and much more.

Is Recast available in languages other than English?

Recast is currently available in English, Italian, Spanish (both Spanish and South American Spanish), Portuguese (Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese), and Arabic. You can change the language in the settings tab of your Recast profile, by clicking on the ‘cog’ icon.

Where in the world is Recast available to watch?

Recast is currently available in 100+ countries and territories and we’re expanding our global coverage all the time. For a full list click here.

Recast may be available in your country or territory but some content may not. Publishers have complete control over the distribution and availability of their content on their channel and may choose to restrict some content to specific countries and regions only.

If Recast isn’t currently available in your country, please email us at customerservice@recast.tv to let us know where in the world you are. We’re working on making Recast available globally.

What’s the difference between you and other platforms like Patreon, OnlyFans, Twitch and YouTube?