Recast vs YouTube

What are the differences?

YouTube and Recast may look similar, but the two platforms offer a very different experience for publishers (content creators and rights holders) and fans. However, when used effectively, your Recast channel can complement your activity on YouTube, and vice versa. So what are the key differences between the two platforms?

Earn 10 x more revenue from your content on Recast

Recast is a pay-per-view platform, which means publishers get paid for every single view. Unlike YouTube’s ad-driven model, which would require your content to reach around 10,000 views for you to earn $40, on Recast – if you set the price of your content at 100 Cast Credits ($1.00) – you would only need 40 views of that content to earn the same amount.

Retain up to 85% of the revenue generated by your content

On Recast, you’ll retain up to 85% of the revenue generated by your content from the first view. You don’t need to build an audience on Recast before you start earning. However, if you have an existing audience on other platforms and social media channels, including YouTube, sign-posting them to your pay-per-view content on Recast will help you to earn more from the get go.

Powered by microtransactions.

Fans purchase content using Cast Credits, Recast’s unique in-platform currency. Casts can be purchased at any time, and can also be earned by watching ads, sharing content and data, and inviting friends to join.

Different content for different platforms

Exclusive, first look, live, and longer form content works really well on Recast – give your fans something they can’t get elsewhere, and something that they are willing to pay for – even if you’re only charging a small amount. You can continue to publish content on YouTube to expand your audience and tell them about the exclusive content they can access over on your Recast channel.

Collaborate with other creators
Recast provides unique functionality for collaborating and splitting earnings with partners through smart contracts. Whether you are streaming a live event or uploading a piece of collaborative content, you can easily set percentage splits between up to three publishers on Recast at any time. Once you have set a split, earnings will be split automatically according to the percentages you have agreed.

Incentivise fans and publishers to share your content

On Recast, you can make your content work harder for you by incentivising fans and other publishers to share it. Set a ‘share value’ for fans when uploading or scheduling a piece of content and they’ll earn Cast Credits every time your content is purchased via a link they’ve shared. Do the same for publishers and they will earn real world currency.

Find out more about how Recast can support content creators to maximise their revenue here.

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