A survey of 1500 content creators published in 2022, found that 83% love collaborating with other creators they respect, and 85% are interested in building relationships with other creators. 

These statistics are not surprising. Collaboration has so many benefits for creators, from inspiring creativity, to producing new forms of content and reaching new audiences. What IS surprising, is that major streaming and social media platforms are not doing more to make it easy for creator collaborations to take place.

At Recast, we know how important it is for our publishers (content creators and rights holders) to be able to collaborate effectively and on their own terms. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that actively encourages and rewards collaboration, providing publishers with the tools they need to thrive.

Splitting earnings with your collaborators is easy on Recast

Recast provides unique functionality to support collaboration, including in-platform smart contracts, which enable publishers to split earnings with other collaborators via our publisher management platform, Recast Publish. Whether you’re live streaming or launching a new collaborative series with other creators, a brand or charity, you can easily set percentage splits between up to three publishers on Recast at any time. When your content is purchased, earnings will automatically be distributed between publisher accounts, according to the percentage split you have set.

Publishers and fans can earn more with incentivised sharing

You can also make your content work harder for you on Recast, and build deeper connections with your fans through our Share & Earn feature. This feature enables publishers to encourage their fans, other publishers and/or partners to share their content, and reward those who do. If you have set a share value for fans when uploading or scheduling your content, fans will earn Cast Credits (Recast’s in-platform currency) every time it is viewed via a link they’ve shared, while publishers who share will receive real world currency.

Control your content. Earn for every view.

In addition to Recast’s collaboration and sharing features, our platform has been designed to support content creators to effectively monetise their content and reach new audiences. Publishers retain up to 85% of the revenue generated by their content on Recast, with full access to earnings and performance data, and the ability to set their own price-per-view and restrict content by geographical location.

Find out how we compare to other major platforms. You won’t be disappointed.

*Statistics taken from Patreon’s report on Unlocking creative independence in the Age of Algorithms.