Thinking of setting up a channel on Recast? You definitely should. On Recast, publishers (content creators and rights holders) retain complete control over their content and take home up to 85% of the revenue generated by every view. Here’s some top tips on how to get started…

Request a channel
Requesting a channel is quick and easy to do. Simply complete our online channel request form, linking to some of your existing platforms and channels so we can see what kind of content you produce.

Set up your channel
Once your request has been approved, our team will send you a unique link to set up your channel, so you can start uploading content asap! Check out our ‘quick start publisher guide’ for all the info you’ll need to create your channel.

Upload your first piece of content
Whether you’re scheduling a live event, uploading a series, or posting a stand-alone piece of content, our platform is packed full of features to support publishers. On Recast you can set your own price-per-view, geoblock content in specific countries or regions, and easily split earnings with other content creators and partners.

Share your channel with your fans
Recast is the best place to effectively monetise your content, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work alongside your other channels. Use your existing platforms and social media channels to catch the attention of your audience and sign post them to the first-look, exclusive, or bonus content you are posting on your Recast channel.

Incentivise fans to share your content
Make your content work harder for you on Recast by incentivising fans and other publishers to share it. Set a ‘share value’ for fans when uploading or scheduling a piece of content and they’ll earn Cast Credits every time your content is purchased via a link they’ve shared. Do the same for publishers and they will earn real world currency.

Collaborate with other creators
Recast provides unique functionality for collaborating and splitting earnings with partners through smart contracts. Whether you are streaming a live event or uploading a piece of collaborative content, you can easily set percentage splits between up to three publishers on Recast at any time.

Set your content schedule
Published your first piece of content? Great, let your fans know when they can catch you on Recast again. Planning a live stream? Schedule it in advance so fans can book their place. Once your channel is live, keep momentum going by uploading content regularly and reminding followers on your other platforms what your Recast channel offers.

Visit our Publisher page for more info on the benefits of setting up a channel on Recast.