Recast is a revolutionary streaming platform, designed to help publishers (rights holders and content creators) effectively monetise their content. On Recast, publishers retain up to 85% of the revenue generated by every view and retain complete control over their content and earnings. Here are some tips for publishers that want to use Recast alongside their existing social and streaming channels.

What content works best on Recast?

Recast is a pay-per-view platform, powered by microtransactions, which gives your fans and followers the flexibility to watch the content they want to see, without having to pay a subscription. Content on Recast is priced in Cast Credits, our unique in-platform currency. Casts can be purchased by fans at any time, and can also be earned by watching ads, sharing content and data, and inviting friends to join.

The content you post on Recast should be content that your fans are willing to pay for, even if you’re only charging a very small amount. Exclusive, first look, live, and longer form content work really well on Recast, giving fans something that they can’t find on your other channels. 

How can I integrate Recast into my multi-channel strategy?

Recast can be used alongside all of your existing social channels and platforms. After comparing the advantages that Recast offers over other platforms, you might choose to use Recast to replace some of your existing channels, or opt to integrate Recast into your existing multi-channel set up.

Remember, you don’t have to produce original material solely for Recast, you can make your existing content work harder for you by posting first look or behind-the-scenes footage on your channel, based on content you are producing for other platforms.

On Recast you don’t need a sizable audience to start earning, which means you can focus on producing the content you want to make for your fans, rather than trying to meet the requirements of an ever changing algorithm. From the first time your content is viewed on Recast, you’ll receive up to 85% of the revenue generated.

However, utilising your existing channels to drive traffic to your pay-per-view content will help you to earn more on Recast. Posting content regularly will also help your fans adapt to accessing and expecting your premium content on the platform.

Tell your existing audience about Recast 

If you have a website, publish a news story when you launch your Recast channel and/or set up a dedicated Recast page, so fans know how the platform works and what to expect from your channel. Check out our free-to-use fan explainer assets and use them to let your fans know that they will be rewarded for inviting friends to join Recast and sharing your content.

Use your social media channels (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook) to catch the attention of your audience and sign post them to the first-look, exclusive, or bonus content you have posted on Recast. Posting teaser content and short clips on your social channels is a great way to drive fans to your Recast channel to purchase a full-length video or sign up for a live event. When creating social posts about your Recast channel, use our Recast branded assets and social stickers.

Using Recast with YouTube 

On Recast, you’ll earn up to 10 times more revenue for your content than on YouTube. However, your YouTube channel is a great tool for supporting and growing your audience on Recast.

Many of your YouTube subscribers may be happy to pay for exclusive or first look content before it’s released on YouTube, as a way of supporting you as a content creator. You may have already considered a paid subscription-based platform or already have one (see below).  If you know some of your audience would be happy to pay for your content but are not willing to pay a  subscription, Recast is the perfect place for them to pay-per-view for the content they really want to see.

Link to your Recast channel from your YouTube profile and let your viewers know what they can find on Recast and how it relates to your YouTube content. Include info in your videos to remind viewers what you are offering on Recast, for example:

  • Watch the full episode on my Recast channel now
  • Get exclusive, first look access to my YouTube content over on Recast
  • Head over to Recast for extended/behind-the-scenes footage from this week’s video

Enhance your existing subscription offering

Whether you are a content creator with a Patreon or an OnlyFans, or a major football club with an existing OTT platform, Recast enables you to give your fans the flexibility to purchase content over and above your subscription services. For many people, signing up for another subscription is unappealing or unaffordable, but having the option to purchase an individual piece of content that is of specific interest to them is ideal.

Unlike some subscription services, channels and content are discoverable on Recast, which means you can tag each piece of content with relevant content categories to reach new fans. Content can also be featured and previewed on Recast, with relevant channels recommended to fans based on their viewing preferences.

However you choose to integrate Recast into your existing content strategy, our platform is packed with features to support you to monetise your content and earn for every view. Find out more about setting up a channel on Recast.