Our Beliefs

One word: Access
The current media model is broken
Rights holders should have access to true value of their rights
Fans should be able to access the content they want, subscription-free
Rights holders should have access to all of their data
All content should be accessible on one platform, to as many eyes as possible

Our Quest

  1. Give fans access to the premium sports content they want with no subscriptions
  2. Give under-served sports access to the audiences and airtime they deserve
  3. Monetise all content from very first video view, delivering maximum value to Rights Holders

Rights Holders, Athletes, Content Creators!

We want to hear from you if...

  • You want to monetise your content in the best way possible

  • You want to go direct-to-consumer with none of the costs

  • You’re ready to blaze a trail

What out partners say

How Recast has benefitted our partners

Creating our own Over-The-Top platform would cost an organisation like ours a significant sum in operational and on-going costs, which we simply can’t afford. Recast provides that solution for free, and with its unique offering we will be able to monetise modern day viewership, in turn creating more funds to be invested back into the grassroots of our sport.

Table Tennis England

We have recently live streamed our last game of the season exclusive to Recast, our first move away from giving our content away for free to support the club financially, already making more money than on other platforms. It’s been great to see an amazing uptake from fans and we look forward to developing this partnership with Recast for next season.

Stewart McGuire, Hibernian Women FC General Manager

This is a major step for the WPC and Parkour as we work to broaden its appeal and allow bigger audiences to enjoy this fantastic sport. [...] It makes us extremely proud to give WPC coverage a home and a platform to share its content through a genuinely innovative, user friendly and commercially advantageous platform that will benefit the sport, its athletes and its fans.

World Parkour

[...]Using Recast supports the sports and athletes you follow directly and by doing so supports their income whilst having information on a range of alternative sports and athletes worldwide.

AMG Sports Management

I’m delighted to partner with Recast, even more so that I’m their first female footballer. The platform is extremely user friendly and allows users to support me directly as an athlete by viewing my exclusive content.

Joelle Murray, Footballer, Hibernian FC

As a semi-professional Parkour athlete in 2021, earning solely through being a practitioner of the sport and showcasing your talent has proved quite difficult up until now.

Max Barker (@max.motus), Parkour Athlete

What the press say

Recast in the media

Recast and Buzzer represents two interesting takes on the utilisation of micropayments... They shouldn’t be seen as a threat by existing networks, such as MVPDs, RSNs, OTT platforms or virtual MVPDs [streaming TV services]. They are a great marketing tool to reach the next generation of fans.

Sport Business

Recast’s model applies to esports as a hand does a glove

Esports Insider

Our Partners

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